Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TJ Maxx/ Marshall's Commercial

TJ Maxx and Marshall's stores have teamed up for a new advertising campaign where 3 female twenty something shoppers organize a shopping intervention on a friend who is compulsively buying over priced clothes. This is a perfect example of the Glam Girlz motto: "It's not what you wear, it's who you are!"

Advertisers have for many years taken us down the road that we must wear top brands to be somebody. And most American women have bought in to it and pass it to their daughters.
There is no way the average American girl can keep up with this type of consumption.  Even if they are on daddy's dime, they will eventually deal with their consumption values once the real job begins.

The last line in the Maxx/Marshall commercial is "YOU CAN BE SMART AND BEAUTIFUL!"
Amen sister. You were born with a fantastic computer that even Microsoft can't formulate. It's called your brain - use it! Enjoy your thoughts and keep the advertisers at a distance. They are trying to out think you, and for the last 15 years or so have been doing a good job! Thank you TJ Maxx and Marshall's for pointing this out to us!

Ladies and girls-enjoy your minds- the way they think and formulate cognitive moments. Your sentence structures and ideas are much more fashionable than your clothes. If you're hanging with girls who are more interested in their Louis Vuittons than authentic friendships, then maybe it's time to find new friends. You were born with your own natural beauty.  Once you identify it, you'll be able to appreciate it in your friends. Until then, "I just love your purse", may be as far as your IQ will take you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mall confusion

When I was 13, the first mall was built in our community. Upon our visit, I browsed the overwhelming window displays and stopped to gaze upon a pair of high heel shoes. My grandmother just rolled her eyes and kept walking.

Today's teens have been practicing the mall's popularity maze since babyhood. Mothers are almost expected to buy heels for their daughters at younger ages as elementary girls dress to match their high school sisters. Gen Y has not known a day on the planet that did not include the mall concept.

School halls spotlight a daily fashion show where brand names dominate walking billboards.
Our distorted fashion sense leaves us with a mismatched reality. So many of our young girls miss their childhood creativity confused about their roles in an ever increasing complicated universe.

Has the concentration of personal style symbols jumbled the communication stimuli of our inner synapses to the point where we no longer realize the camouflage?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Mall's Responsibility

If casinos advertise for gambling problems, should malls be responsible for fashion addictions?
Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty addresses our fear of non-perfection.

GCA offers a 12 step media literacy program to counter balance the constant bombardment of fashion advertisements and instant gratification we feel at purchasing and owning the next fad. How do we address and teach our teens to analyze brand power's influence on Girl Power?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who teaches us to be ourselves?

How does media's fashion craze interfere with the process of self-discovery, and how do we teach this next generation to discover their true(inner) beauty when inundated with an overwhelming number of fashion products and advertisements?

Glam Council of America is looking for inspiring stories for our theme, "It's not what you wear, it's who you are!" Tell us how a mother, teacher, or influential woman helped you to focus and spotlight the real you.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Why are brand names so important?

In this current economy, it is no coincidence that we are getting a collective chance to rethink our inner glam so that we might shine a great light on our being (rather than our runway fashions). For too long now, we've relied on our couture to define us.

At Glam Council of America, I am wanting to strike a chord in women with our motto: "It's not what you wear, it's who you are!" Hopefully, women in the universe are wanting to discuss this issue, so that we can teach our teens to develop their true gifts and rethink why Prada, Gucci, and Chanel have been misguided pieces of baggage to carry.

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Direction

In his inauguration speech, President Obama asked us to "pick ourselves up, dust off, and rebuild America". To comply, I am taking Glam Council of America off the shelf and renewing my commitment to its motto: "It's not what you wear, it's who you are!"

Women and girls are asked to sponsor and encourage the mothers, caretakers, and teachers of America who work diligently to guide and mentor our youth. Here, in their daily guidance, we find the backbone of America-our very existence dependent on their strength.