Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mall confusion

When I was 13, the first mall was built in our community. Upon our visit, I browsed the overwhelming window displays and stopped to gaze upon a pair of high heel shoes. My grandmother just rolled her eyes and kept walking.

Today's teens have been practicing the mall's popularity maze since babyhood. Mothers are almost expected to buy heels for their daughters at younger ages as elementary girls dress to match their high school sisters. Gen Y has not known a day on the planet that did not include the mall concept.

School halls spotlight a daily fashion show where brand names dominate walking billboards.
Our distorted fashion sense leaves us with a mismatched reality. So many of our young girls miss their childhood creativity confused about their roles in an ever increasing complicated universe.

Has the concentration of personal style symbols jumbled the communication stimuli of our inner synapses to the point where we no longer realize the camouflage?

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