Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TJ Maxx/ Marshall's Commercial

TJ Maxx and Marshall's stores have teamed up for a new advertising campaign where 3 female twenty something shoppers organize a shopping intervention on a friend who is compulsively buying over priced clothes. This is a perfect example of the Glam Girlz motto: "It's not what you wear, it's who you are!"

Advertisers have for many years taken us down the road that we must wear top brands to be somebody. And most American women have bought in to it and pass it to their daughters.
There is no way the average American girl can keep up with this type of consumption.  Even if they are on daddy's dime, they will eventually deal with their consumption values once the real job begins.

The last line in the Maxx/Marshall commercial is "YOU CAN BE SMART AND BEAUTIFUL!"
Amen sister. You were born with a fantastic computer that even Microsoft can't formulate. It's called your brain - use it! Enjoy your thoughts and keep the advertisers at a distance. They are trying to out think you, and for the last 15 years or so have been doing a good job! Thank you TJ Maxx and Marshall's for pointing this out to us!

Ladies and girls-enjoy your minds- the way they think and formulate cognitive moments. Your sentence structures and ideas are much more fashionable than your clothes. If you're hanging with girls who are more interested in their Louis Vuittons than authentic friendships, then maybe it's time to find new friends. You were born with your own natural beauty.  Once you identify it, you'll be able to appreciate it in your friends. Until then, "I just love your purse", may be as far as your IQ will take you.

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Ernie6274 said...

The T J Maxx/Marshall's Commercial makes you feel good. I like the people going up and down the escalator singing...and when they get to the bottom the young lady standing there is Elizabeth Johnson who use to work for Marshall Fields,now Macy's, in Chicago. She really like the fact that this commercial is being played and would love to get in contact with the producers as she also is talented in knitting etc. Please contact, Ernestine Standberry, CAN-TV Producer at 773-606-9264 for further information! Happy Holidays