Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's Glam, Girls?

America's daughters are born into a world of barbie dolls, movie stars, and fairytale princesses- beautifully polished models of perfection. Is it any doubt that they become just a little confused about what they are "suppose" to look like versus their daily reality?
How do they find their pop and style when corporate marketers and the media expose them to wall street's interpretation of themselves before they get a chance to express it on their own?
Parents watch their little girls enter the tween scene armed with mall mania and teen fashionista expectations. And with no referees or rules for the haves and the have nots, America's status symbols become brand acquisitions dominated by advertising agencies savvy psychological experts. See APA's article: Driving teen egos--and buying--through 'branding'
What can we do to balance the playing board for our girls? What tools and information can we give them to understand how media, technology, and fashion are influencing their personal identities? How do we protect them during those formative years so that they can express their God given individuality and find themselves before all is lost to brand domination?

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